Binyamin Stone

EducatorsCoach, Taking Frustration Out Of Education and Parenting.

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About me

I work, as a coach, with parents, teachers, principals, teenagers, and young children.

With parents, teachers, and principals, I work on anything from mindset when dealing with children, to communication, down to discipline with children, all the way to teaching techniques including structure of lessons.

With teenagers and young children, I work on anything ranging from social skills, communication skills, family relationships, sibling rivalry, lack of motivation, anger management, defiance, and all the way to academic skills.

I train parents and teachers in methods listed above. I also help teachers and parents deal with children who have a lot of energy such as: ADD, ADHD, Asperger syndrome, Autism, and Down syndrome.

One of my goals is to teach both educators and parents that working with children doesn’t need to be frustrating, and it’s always better to channel a child’s strengths instead of fighting it. Another goal is getting children to be self-motivated so there isn’t a need for a punishment or reward system.

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