How To Nurture Creativity

Would you like to become more creative? Do you nurture creativity with children?

When you teach, do you teach in creative ways? How about when you ask children questions, do you give them a chance to be creative?

When children are asked questions the answers are usually “yes” or “no”, “right” or “wrong”. The structure of the question is usually so, that creativity is lost.

How about next time you are asking questions to children, you give them a chance to be creative. For example, ask an open ended question where there is no right or wrong answer like: “What can you do with 10 bricks?”, “Why do you think people prefer sweet things over sour things?” or “How would you structure the lesson if you were the teacher?”

In all these cases the answers will be very creative, you will be surprised by what you hear. Try it and tell me how it went.

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